Cure Tooth Decay Book


I HIGHLY recommend this book Cure Tooth Decay By Ramiel Nagel to anyone what cares about their teeth (Hopefully everyone) You CAN cure cavities, gum disease, tooth infections, dental decay through diet alone! YES diet!!! You do not need to undergo expensive and painful dental procedures anymore. Just like the bones in our body, when hairline fractured, broken, or brittle, our teeth (bones and teeth share the same minerals) can heal itself if you change what you eat. Your teeth and gums reflect your overall health. Nature is a God given gift to humans. Everything we need to heal our BODIES and TEETH are all found in nature. I’ve seen results in my family and my own teeth by following the groundwork and research in this book. I plan to blog more about this topic, showing pictures and proof of teeth remineralization and the changes we as a family made to care for our dental hygiene naturally.