I invested in a GiGi wax kit  4 years later ago and I absolutely love it! I use this wax kit for my whole body. Depending on how coarse the hair is, I alternate the wax between hard wax and soft wax.

In the past, I’ve gotten my eyebrows threaded and waxed. I loved the results from threading but its so painful for me. The very last time, I had them threaded, I tear so much from the pain that I lost one of my contacts and I couldn’t see. Theses are prescription contacts…I am blind as a bat! It was so embarrassing walking down the street with one eye open. I stopped on a corner and called my husband to guide me home. Such a sad day! As for waxing, I love the results as well. But it was a hit or miss. The lady that I trusted with my brows was very popular and when there was  a long wait for her at times and she would “rush” through the waxing and grooming. I wasn’t of fan of that.

About a year ago, I mustered up the courage to wax my own eyebrows and it has been my routine ever since. I love the way my eyebrows turn out. Its super easy once you understand the “shape” and hairs of your eyebrows. I save time and money! Its a win win! You should try it too. Its really not that bad.

Waxing has many benefits. As I mentioned earlier, I use it on all my body. It prevents in-grown hairs and your hair grows slower making you go longer between waxes. I plan on sharing more of my wax routine as the warm weather begins.

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How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

This video I show you how I fill in my eyebrows with makeup. As mentioned in part 1 of my eyebrow grooming routine, I love natural shape of my eyebrows after I wax them. It’s perfect for bare face no makeup days. In my opinion, having the eyebrows done just completes the face, even if you have some type of light makeup coverage. Hope you enjoy BOTH of my eyebrow videos!

Click link below to watch part one How to Wax and Groom Eyebrows