Dramatic Cat Eye Tutorial

This tutorial is a gorgeous unique cat eye. I love adding a pointed tear duct to my looks because it makes it look more exotic and intriguing. Very beautiful for a date night!

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Green Smokey Eye

This tutorial is this gorgeous GREEN SMOKEY EYE. This look is beautiful for both day and night. The green is very eye catching and captivating, while NOT making the eye makeup look heavy. CLICK ON LINK —>https://youtu.be/ZbzMhxH8jCw

Dramatic Wing + Lipstick

This tutorial is on of my favorite everyday look. It is simple quick and easy. I especially love applying beige or white eye pencil in my waterline to help me look more awake and vibrant. Add a unique colored lipstick and out the door! CLICK ON LINK —>


GRWM: Winter Glam

This makeup tutorial is such a beautiful look for a girls night out! The eyeshadows used for this look is from the Morphe 350 Palette.
If you don’t have this palette is totally fine. You can use eyeshadows with hints of red and brown for transition which works perfectly with a vibrant cranberry lipstick!



Saturday Night Live is a live comedy and entertainment show that had been running since 1975. The show features celebrity guest hosts and musical performances. (more…)

Eyebrow Routine & Grooming: How to Fix Uneven Eyebrows

Eyebrows are everything! They shape your face with or without makeup! This video is my eyebrow grooming and shaping routine. I have distinctly different eyebrows due to years of waxing and threading. It had damaged my eyebrows to the point that I have areas that hair doesn’t grow that SHOULD have hair. Now I let them grow and have full control as to how much hairs I take off. I also fill them in to even out the shapes and give the illusion in the bald spots that I have hair. I hope you enjoy this video.

IMATS Tips and Tricks


IMATS Tips and Tricks

  • Eat a good breakfast
    It’s the first meal of the day. The lines and people get tiring and you’ll need all the energy you can get.
  • Don’t get there early
    Last year IMATS NYC, I made the line around 7:30am (prior to opening). The line was insane! It wrapped around 5 times. There is no doubt in my mind people started to camp out by 5am. By the time the doors finally open, you’ve already stood in a line outside for 3 hours not to mention the added time it takes to get inside to the registration desk. (more…)