Best Vegan Bagel & Lox

New York is knows for having the best bagels. Nothing beats a freshly baked bagel…actually a freshly baked anything! There are so many bagel flavors and sandwich combinations you can order in a New York bagel shop. I’ve even seen rainbow and an Oreo bagel!

A very popular bagel sandwich is bagel and lox. Lox is smoked salmon which is paired with a cream cheese bagel. You can add toppings like red onion, capers, and dill. I wanted to create a vegan version of this to expand to my “I don’t know what to eat for breakfast” menu.

I used tomato sliced in long strips to imitate the shape of salmon slices. Although you can use any tomato, I find that plum tomato works best because it kept its shape as you thinly slice. In my opinion, it holds less water therefore making it easy to absorbs the mixture and it also has the “salmon look and texture”.

Lets talk about this mixture! To achieve that salty flavor, I used liquid amino acid (alternative you can use soy sauce). Anyone who is big on barbecuing, knows about liquid smoke. Its great to add smokiness to sauces such a barbecue sauce or baked beans. A little of this liquid goes a long way! All you need is a tiny bit to get an amazing smoked flavor without the use of a grill or smoker. For the fishy taste, this is mind blowing, you can achieve this with ocean plants such as seaweed. I used kelp grandules, which you can find in the Asian or seasoning section in your grocery stores. Alternatively, you can use nori sheets (aka sushi paper). Both kelp and nori are edible seaweed. Its a brilliant ingredient to add that fishy taste to your plant based dishes!

I love this recipe so much and I’m confident you will like it too, I am planning on doing a video on it! Stay tuned!

Let me know what tomato you used or if you used nori sheets and it came out delicious as well!


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