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Gluten free products

Recently, I went to The Christmas Tree Shops to “window shop” but of course I ended up buying a few things because they had a great winter clearance. It’s been a while since I’ve visited this store and I ended up creatively inspired! I picked up a few materials for an upcoming DIY project I plan on making and posting. I forget how much fun this store is!

I wanted to share with you how widely spread gluten free products are becoming readily available. In the grocery section, I bumped into many gluten free products! They have great snacks, cereals, granola, pie mix, mouse mix, pancake mix and a variety of Red Mill flours all at a great price. I ended up buying a few things.
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These Blue Diamond crackers are delicious and crunchy and come in different flavors. Blue Diamond is known for their almonds and nuts and their products are carried in many supermarkets.
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The Gratify Gluten Free Pretzels are good. They are gluten free, wheat free, milk free, casein free and egg free.
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It’s a good crunchy snack buy not my favorite brand of pretzels. My favorite gluten free pretzels are by Snyders. They are so addicting! I have to stop myself from eating it because I would eat the whole bag in one sitting.

I also bought the “Choco Dream” dark chocolate covered wafers.
photo (1).jpg
I wouldn’t say they are “wafers”. They remind me of the Keebler Fudge Stripes with the crunch that of like a graham cracker. And it’s covered in chocolate all around. Yum! This is great when you have a sweet tooth because it’s all natural, no high fructose corn syrup and no transfat.

And lastly I bought the emco Granola in Almonds and Chocolate.
photo 3.jpg
As you can see, I’m a chocolate fanatic! This granola is delicious and give that extra crunch on top of yogurt or cereal.

So keep your eyes open for gluten free products everywhere you go. You may be surprised to find them in your local super market. Feel free to share any tips of unexpected stores that carries gluten free products.

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