GF Shopping Alert: Aldi Supermarket


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Before I moved to New York, Aldi’s was one of the stores I did most of my shopping because their prices are so reasonabe. In comparison to bigger named supermarkets, going to Aldi’s saves me half at the checkout. You get more bang for your buck! Not only are their prices good, so is the quality of their food and produce. Another thing I also love about them is that they clearly specify with symbols allergies in the back of their products.

Recently, when I went to Aldi’s, I notice they have a new line of products. “Live G Free”  a gluten free line! This is so exciting! Anyone who wants to eat healthy or has food allergies, pay much more for their food.

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This featured line and their products were right when you come into the store. I was so excited and I apologize ahead of time for the quality of the pictures I immediately took at the store to share with you all. I stocked up in products I wanted to “try” and I made sure I took a picture of everything from this new line.


Pictures are explained and in order as I entered Aldi’s


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  • Cookies: $2.49 (Snicker doodle and Double Chocolate Brownie)
    *Interestingly, they are also cholesterol free, egg free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free and wheat free.*
  • Corn Pasta $1.29 (Penne, Fusili and Spaghetti)
    *Note: Aldi’s carries both corn and brown rice pasta at excellent prices*


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  • Glutino Pretzels $3.49  I absolutely love these pretzels and of course I picked some up myself
    *This is NOT from the “Live G Free” line. Glutino is another gluten free brand which carried in some stores*  
  • Granola $3.49 (Carried in assorted flavors. I only saw chocolate)
  • Mac n Cheese – Boxed $1.49 (Rice elbow pasta)
  •  Brown Rice Spaghetti $1.89
    *As you can see with whats left of the pile, people lean more towards brown rice pasta than corn.*

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  • Glutino Pretzels – MY FAVE!

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  • Snack crackers (2 flavors: Sea Salt and Rosemary Olive oil)
  • Cereal bars (3 flavors: Very Berry, Cocoa Loco, Caramel Apple)

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Frozen Section:

*These boxes are “personal sized” meals*

  • Pizza (2 flavors: Cheese and Pepperoni)
  • Cheese Lasagna
  • “Hot Pockets”
  • Cheese Ravioli

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Bakery/ Bread Section:

Wraps (Plain) *Great for burritos, quesadillas and use in place of bread when making a sandwich*


Aldi’s carries a lot of gluten free products and as mentioned above, they have special symbols for different allergies behind their products. They have an excellent produce section, frozen, meat, dairy, household items, toiletries, baby needs, vitamins and cleaning supplies. All at great prices!

Check Aldi’s out. Its a great place to eat healthy and save money at the same time. Its a “one stop shop” and its great for a busy mom like me!

If you tried anything from this new line and recommend it, share it below. Also comment below if you have any questions.



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