GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax Kit

IMG_0590.jpg Product Review:  GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit Spring is here and it’s my first spring living in the hustle and bustle of New York City. As a new mom who is always on the run, the time I have to “sparkle” myself up is limited. I was interested in transitioning to waxing because shaving it takes longer and it has to be done more frequent. Waxing does a better job at removing hair from the follicle and you can go more weeks before touching up. I came across the GiGi wax company which I hear great things about them.

IMG_0586.jpg.jpg They have many different types of waxing products such as soy and microwaveable waxes, roll on, hard wax etc. It was a lot to decide on but I leaned towards the Brazilian wax kit. This kit comes with a warmer which was a huge plus for me because I stopped using a microwave to take on a more natural route. Researching about this specific wax, I found out that it’s adheres to the hairs and not the skin. As oppose to other waxes, some adhere to skin often leading to cuts, irritated skin or prolonged redness. Having the wax warmer in the kit pretty much sold me along with the price and the contents of the kit. IMG_0592.jpg IMG_0595.jpg   I purchased mine on Amazon for $32.93. I thought the price was excellent since the kit comes with the wax, wax warmer, a pre epilation gel and a cooling gel -each 2oz which is a great amount, a DVD and wooden wax stick in different sizes. IMG_0587.jpg IMG_0594.jpg I’m sure you may be wondering where are the strips but an interesting feature about this wax is that it is strip-less. I’ve used wax with strips in the past but this was something new I wanted to try. How it works is that the same wax you put on is your same strip. Once the wax is dry to touch, you lift a corner from the patch of wax and pull. Upon using the wax, the results were magnificent! It truly adheres to only the hair only. The cooling gel is nice and silky and great to apply on the skin. I’m not one to have sensitive skin but when I do use wax that uses strips, my skin gets irritated. This wax uses no strips and only sticks to hairs which did not leave my skin irritated and the redness was very little-to normal as it is when waxing. I love it and I use it all over since my goal is to transition to fully waxing. I only have 3 forgivable complaints about this kit. First off is that the DVD it comes with it is useless. It’s very outdated and the quality to the video looked like it was filmed in the early 90s which to me that is already a turn off. In the “how to use wax” segment, the wax that was being used was not the wax that came in my kit. To me it just seemed like its a unnecessary “add on” to the kit because the DVD was not based on the wax kit it came with. IMG_0589.jpg Second, I wish this kit came with a “left over wax remover”. The left over tackiness left on the skin is tough to remove. When I first tried it out, I thought the shower would remove the tackiness. The tackiness wasn’t “too” bad it was just a few tiny patches here and there. But the next morning when I woke up and looked at my arm, it was covered in fuzzys from my bed sheets. It was pretty funny. Then it occurred to me to rub the tackiness with baby oil and it came off. IMG_0588.jpg Third, which is my biggest complaint would be the warmer cover. The warmer cover comes wrapped in bubble wrap. But as you can see in the picture, it’s practically squeezed into a corner of the box. Mine came chipped and cracked in a corner. I suspect with delivery, it was either the movement of the shipment and rubbing up against the warmer in that tight corner caused it to crack and chip. I was pretty upset because I looked forward to my perfect little home waxing kit. I am going to try and get a new cover or an exchange cover. Good thing was that the chip and crack in my cover did not affect the performance of the warmer. Everything warmed up beautifully and evenly. photo.jpg   IMG_0593.jpg This wax kit is phenomenal and this is my honest review. It works and it’s a great starter kit if your serious about waxing. I did buy extra wooden sticks at the dollar store in the arts and crafts section since I am not double dipping and I ran out fast of the ones that came in the kit. I’m not one to get waxed at salons every few weeks, but you save on those trips to the salons, which a whole body wax can run you up to $100. Save that money for a deep tissue massage or a pair of shoes! I save on time, comfort and peace of mind. The wax is at the comfort of my own home and I can take breaks in between for a snack or a drink. Peace of mine since I know that the wax is not double dipped between clients like sometimes may happen at a salon. Interestingly, some spas and salons uses this same brand of wax and wax warmer. So why not take your time learning and try it at home.   Have you ever waxed at home? Feel free to comment below if you like this review or have any questions.

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