Its hard to get away from pimples, acne and blemishes. This video was hard to do. I feel so EMBARRASSED showing my bare face to you guys. But I took the courage to do it and show you how I cover my imperfections and problem areas. As I mentioned in my video briefly, my skin reacted due to STRESS in my life and also the change of weather. When your skin does breakout, don’t lose hope. Your skin needs love. In this tutorial , I show my coverage process while giving my skin a lot of vitamins and moisture that it needs to recuperate. 70% of the week my skin is bare and breathing with no makeup for healing. For the sake of this tutorial, I did follow up with makeup so you see the full coverage process. This is helpful especially when it comes to a BIG EVENT like a wedding. COVERAGE IS POSSIBLE!
Bottom line: give your skin a lot of love, moisture, AIR, and time to heal!

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