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Pop lashes 2

Pop Beauty is a brand I am not familiar with but I have seen their products sold at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. On their website, they sell a variety of beauty products-everything from head to toe. I will be reviewing their lashes which was purchased by my mom and gifted to me.

The style lashes I have are called “Doll”. Each individual hair is different lengths. The fullness of these lashes I would say is a 3 out of 5. The band of these lashes isn’t sturdy. As you can see in the picture below, when taking the lash out the packaging, the eyelash loses it’s form. This isn’t good because when applying onto your lash line, you want that curve to be perfect so you can pop them on to the shape of your eye.

Pop lashes 1

I also saw a lash fall out. Which goes back to the lash band not being strong enough. I would say you can get maybe 3 used out of these lashes, depending on how you care for them.

I would recommend these lashes for everyday use. They look natural. I would not recommend these for special events or usage with professional photography. These lashes are not made of real hair. They are synthetic and a bit plasticky.  Actually when you run your fingers thru them, they feel like your running your finger on the eyes of one of those creepy baby doll, we loved so much as a little girl, that when you lay them down, their eyes closed. Reason not to use these for special events is because the flash/lighting will give off a shine, exposing you have fake lashes on! A tip if you do plan on wearing lashes that might give off that “shine”, add mascara on top. The one warning I would give you is that it will cut the “life span” of your lashes. When you take off your lashes, you should take remove the mascara gently with makeup remover. It’s a lot of work but your makeup equipment will be hygienic and clean.

If you would like me to review other lash brands comment below or let me know what you think of this review.

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