“revive” Makeup Blending Review

Beauty Blender Dupe

Today I wanted to get some air so we decided to stop by a few stores in the mall. One of the stores we stopped at was TJ Maxx. Going thru the beauty section, this pink sponge caught my eye because at first glance I thought it was a “Beauty Blender”.  As I examined the sponge, which was still enclosed in its packaging, everything about it reminded me of a “Beauty Blender”…the shape, the color and the size. The company is called “revive”. Its function is for blending makeup on your skin. You can use this sponge wet and dry. The price on this sponge was $3.99! I was so excited to take this home and try it out.

This blender is amazing!  I see very little difference comparing this to the beauty blender. It has that precise point tip, to get under the eye. The round end works great to blend my cream contour or soak up excess foundation or concealer. It has the same “bounce” as the “Beauty Blender”.  I tested it out for a week, and the results are flawless! The instruc
tions say, if you use it every day, wash it once a week. When I washed the sponge, the color stayed the same and it didn’t lose it shape. I have heard some sponges after washing it, the color fades. This sponge IS a DUPE for the Beauty Blender”!

Dupe $ comparison:

Beauty Blender $19.95  vs revive makeup applicator $3.99

You save $16!

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