GF Shopping Alert: Aldi Supermarket


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Before I moved to New York, Aldi’s was one of the stores I did most of my shopping because their prices are so reasonabe. In comparison to bigger named supermarkets, going to Aldi’s saves me half at the checkout. You get more bang for your buck! Not only are their prices good, so is the quality of their food and produce. Another thing I also love about them is that they clearly specify with symbols allergies in the back of their products. (more…)

Found Gluten Free Products…


Gluten free products

Recently, I went to The Christmas Tree Shops to “window shop” but of course I ended up buying a few things because they had a great winter clearance. It’s been a while since I’ve visited this store and I ended up creatively inspired! I picked up a few materials for an upcoming DIY project I plan on making and posting. I forget how much fun this store is!


My Gluten Free Story


I first found out about “going gluten free” from my best friend, who’s husband and daughter has Celiac disease.  Celiac disease is very serious. Eating things that contain gluten, irritates the lining of the small intestine making it difficult to absorb certain nutrients in food, which takes a toll on your body and health.