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photo 5 (1)Trader Joe’s is an excellent store I go to buy quality ingredients and specialty foods at a great price. I try to go once or twice a month to stock up on my “staples.  This is my first of many TJs haul on my blog. The way I would like to “break down” my hauls are by meals and explaining why I got each product.

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These waffles are my quick “grab and go” breakfast. I absolutely love these waffles. They are gluten free, wheat free, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients. I will later post on my favorite way to eat these waffles. It has a great taste and texture. And it toasts lovely!

I get my peanut butter at TJs because its all natural and has no added sugars. Its basically blended peanuts in taste. I usually get the “creamy” peanut butter because I share this with my daughter when she wants to snack on apple and peanut butter. You have to mix well before you use because the oils of the peanut butter sits on top.

I usually buy almond milk or soy milk. But this coconut milk at TJs caught my eye. The price was just about the same as the usual milk I buy. And upon seeing this milk I was interested in testing it out especially when it comes to baking. Now that the summer is coming, I enjoy making shakes and smoothes and the coconut milk would give it a great taste.

Citterio Pancetta: It doesn’t say its “gluten free”. But their ingredients are straight forward: PorkSaltSugar, Spices, Garlic, Sodium Nitrite.
I plan to add them to omelets and to stew beans for flavor. 

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Organic Brown Rice Pasta is a must have in our house hold. I know the picture only shows 2 bags but I usually purchase 9 bags. Above shown is spaghetti and fusilli. But they also have penne pasta. It tastes really great. The pasta doesn’t break when you cook them. I’ve used these pasta with sauce and cold antipasti salad.

Frozen Veggies. I always prefer fresh vegetables. But I get frozen vegetables for meals with a lot of ingredients just to save on prep time.

photo 2 (1)STAPLES:
Gluten Free Joe-Joes (Oreos) – These are so addicting! I will put it out there and put my stamp of approval: these are better than Oreos! The filling of Oreos leave that oily feeling and texture in the roof of your mouth. These don’t! I should’ve bought 2 boxes because my daughter loves eating these too.

Gone Bananas are found in the frozen section. This is basically chocolate covered bite-sized frozen bananas. Its great to have at home when you want to stuff your face with ice cream. Even though theres nothing wrong with stuffing your face with ice cream…occasionally.

Soy & Flaxseed Tortillas. I bought these to try out and to have a healthy snack on the car ride home for me and my daughter.

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Why hello there Gluten Free beer! My husband is getting into drinking craft and micro brewery beers and of course this caught my eye. Gluten free beers are hard to find being that the main ingredient in many beers is barley.  This particular beer is brewed in sorghum, molasses, hops and yeast brewed beer. I’ll let you know how we like it.


I hope you enjoy my first TJs haul. I think its good to show my “staples” being that I will be sharing my gluten free recipes.

Feel free to share any of your favorite staples from Trader Joes. I look forward to trying them out.

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