Vegan Stuffed Shells GF

My childhood memories of stuffed shells were in elementary school.

” How did they get the cheese inside this oddly shaped pasta shell”? The shape always intrigued me as a little girl. I ate them filled with ricotta cheese in a bath of pasta sauce. But now as a health-conscious adult and home cook, I made them with tofu (organic) and fresh veggies. As a mom, I try to sneak veggies into my children’s meal whenever possible. My daughter knows this but as long as I can disguise the true flavor of the veggie, she doesn’t mind. I think I  am a pro at it now. I’ll share more of those recipes soon!


Going back to the stuffed shells…I must tell you, these are delicious! It truly reminds me of a BETTER version of the ones I ate.


The pasta shells I used is brand Tinkyada. The base for the pasta is brown rice therefore it is gluten free. I love all the pasta from this brand. It’s not mushy at all and the pasta taste delicious.

When I cook my pasta shells, I usually cook them “al dente” or 1-2 minutes before the recommended cooking time. I do this step since they will completely finish cooking in the oven in the yummy pasta sauce. Just a little tip so your shells can holds its shape when you fill them. After they are done boiling in the salted water (always season your water when cooking pasta), drain half the water out and run cold water on them. This is to stop the cooking process and to save your hand from the heat while holding and filling the pasta shells.

Nutritional yeast is a staple in vegan cooking. It’s now commonly found in many supermarkets in the spice and/or baking section. The brand I use is Braggs Nurtitional Yeast Seasoning. Nutritional yeast gives a nutty cheesy taste to dishes. You can sprinkle it dry over popcorn or use it how I love to use it, to give cheesy flavor to sauces.


These stuffed shells are perfect for a weekend dinner. Let me know how you like them below!


Stuffed Shells ( Vegan + GF)

Course Dinner, Main Course
Cuisine Italian

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