Easy Lentil Salad


Lentils is a kitchen staple of mine. I eat them all the time. They make excellent soups. But have you ever just had them as a salad? I love this recipe because it is light and refreshing lunch idea. I toasted a few slices of Italian bread and scooped the salad on top of it. I would also have over a bed of greens like spinach. Try this recipe! I’m sure you’ll love having lentils this way!


Best Vegan Bagel & Tomato Lox

New York is knows for having the best bagels. Nothing beats a freshly baked bagel…actually anything freshly baked is wonderful! There are so many bagel flavors and sandwich combinations you can order in a New York bagel shop. I’ve even seen rainbow and an Oreo bagel!

A very popular bagel sandwich is bagel and lox. Lox is smoked salmon which is paired with a cream cheese bagel. You can add toppings like red onion, capers, and dill. I wanted to create a vegan and budget friendly recipe for those days you have a taste for smoked salmon but might not have  it  at  hand.  I used  a tomato which is an affordable and common  staple  in  your  kitchen.

Although you can use any tomato, I find that plum or roma tomatoes works best because it keep its shape as you slice it to resemble salmon pieces. It is very important to squeeze out the seeds and liquid from the tomatoes because this helps absorbs more flavor from the mixture.


My Gluten Free Story


I first found out about “going gluten free” from my best friend, who’s husband and daughter has Celiac disease.  Celiac disease is very serious. Eating things that contain gluten, irritates the lining of the small intestine making it difficult to absorb certain nutrients in food, which takes a toll on your body and health.