Gluten Free Pie Crust


Gluten Free Pie Crust *From Scratch*

3/4cup brown rice fl
1/2cup white rice fl
1/2 sweet rice fl
1/2 tapioca
1 teaspoon xanthan gum
2 tablespoon of sugar (replace with 1 tablespoon of salt if making savory pie)
2 sticks of cold butter (Tip: freeze 1 hour prior)


1- Combine flours, xanthan gum and sugar in a bowl

2- Add mix in food processor


3- Cut butter into small cubes


4- Add cubed butter in food processor. Pulse as many times as needed to mix butter into the flour


5- With a spatula, scrape mixture in a bowl and divide dough in half.


6-Roll into 2 balls and freeze for 1 hour.

7- While the dough is freezing, prep the filling of your pie. I made apple pie so I silced, diced, and added my spices in a mixing bowl.

Apples Slices


8-Take out dough from freezer onto parchment paper


9- Dust rolling pin with flour (white rice flour) OR between another sheet of parchment paper. Roll 1 of the 2 dough balls to about 1/4 inch thin.

10-Gently place the rolled out dough in pie pan.

11- Puncture dough with fork and bake for 15-20min at 350. Bake until slightly golden brown.


12- Roll out the second dough ball 1/4 inch thin (between parchment paper or floured rolling pin) Tip: Since this will be the top of your pie , you can cut them to strips and weave them onto your pie.

13-Once the crust finishes baking, add your filling and cover with the top dough layer.


14- Bake as needed and enjoy your pie!

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